The Leading Supplier of Custom Made Gear Boxes

JS Gears is India’s largest custom gear manufacturer. We manufacture gears to suit the needs of various industries. We are specialized in creating innovative gearboxes to suffice the power transmission requirements in diverse industrial operations. The custom made gearboxes from our manufacturing units match the customized needs of our clients. The extensive ranges of gearboxes, including premium helical gearbox we have supplied to our existing clients tell you about our expertise and popularity in the industry. Tell us the nature of your application, our innovative team of engineers will start to devise gearboxes that are a perfect fit, including extruder duty helical gearboxesContact us today, and we are geared to fulfill your industry requirements.


Custom made gearboxes

  • Customized and Tailor made Industrial Gearboxes
  • A new custom made gearbox study, Design, Develop & Supply within 4 months.
  • Warranty: One year from the date of supply.
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