Premium Quality Extruder Duty Helical Gearboxes with Excellent Functionalities

JS Gears is the high-quality extruder duty helical gearboxes manufacturers serving the wide varieties of industries in India and abroad. Top performance, smooth functioning and comfortable operation are some of the significant features of the extruder duty helical gearboxes we supply. All these products are precision-engineered and built utilizing the latest technological advancement and sophisticated machines and tools. We have been successful as the extruder duty helical gearboxes suppliers as we are experts in manufacturing industry-specific gearboxes that are suitable for various purposes. Are you looking for low noise, highly efficient and high-performance gearboxes of all types? We can manufacture and supply you gearboxes of all sorts exactly in line with your requirements.

JS Gears – the top extruder gearbox manufacturers is well-equipped with sufficient infrastructure and a well-experienced team of engineers. We ensure the delivery of inline helical geared motor on time, exactly according to your demands. We are specialized in making gearboxes of all types. Tell us your demands and requirements. We can match all your needs with the required quality. As the best industrial gearbox suppliers, we serve industries such as aviation, agriculture, mining and quarrying, automotive and more.

Single Screw Extruder Drive

Available Model: SBH 90 / SBH 110 / SBH 125 / SBH 140 / SBH 160 / SBH 180 / SBH 200 / SBH 225 / SBH 250 / SBH 280 / SBH 315 / SBH 355

  • Rigit Design
  • Available in: Single stage & two stage Extruder duty Helical Gearboxes
  • Ratio: 6:1 To 22:1
  • Case: Graded cast Iron
  • Gears: Made from high graded alloy steel, harden and precision profile ground to meet higher standard
  • Spherical thrust roller bearing 294 series & others are also roller bearings
  • Water cooling inbuilt
  • Oil Pump option available
  • Vertical models are also available
  • Plastic Extruder Drive
  • Food Extruder Drive
  • Rubber Extruder Drive
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