Superior Quality Crane Duty Helical Gearboxes

JS Gears provides superior quality crane duty helical gearboxes to serve the crane industry. Our latest products are perfect in flexibility and are highly suitable and advantageous for crane industry requirements. The crane duty gearboxes we supply make higher torque ratings. Due to superior quality and first-class service, we are considered as one of India’s leaders among the crane duty helical gearboxes manufactures. Our expertise and innovations utilizing the latest technology help us to provide all products at a reasonable price and one time.

JS Gears have already supplied thousands of gearbox units to various industries, and thus our popularity as the best crane duty helical gearboxes suppliers have increased recently. We have created a name for ourselves as the bespoke and industry-specific gearbox producers and fast turnaround. We are a specialized gearbox manufacturing company with multi-component inspection options. We are the most successful helical gearbox manufacturers in India with plant capacity to produce various types of gears.

Crane Duty Helical Gear Boxes 

Harden and profile Ground Gears
  • Crane duty helical gearboxes available in three & Four stages
  • Sizes:  ( Input to Output center) 250 to 1200 MM available
  • Gears: High Graded Alloy Steel, Case Harden and Profile Ground
  • Bearing : Roller Bearings.
  • Available version: Solid Standard shaft,Geared output shaft & Hollow output is also available.
  • Case:  Cast Iron & Fabricated
  • Ratio:  Available up to 630:1
  • Main Hoist
  • Long Travel
  • Cross Travel
  • Aux. Hoist
  • Crane Industry